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qooControl media

qooControl media is the ultimate remote control for media files for popular media players, like iTunes and Winamp.

Imagine the following situation:

Your PC is playing music und you are sitting lazy on your sofa. You want to listen to another song, or you want to listen to a previous song again. The result is that you have to move to your PC. How annoying.

With qooControl media that belongs to the past!

With qooControl media you can stay lazy. Just take your smartphone, connect to your local WiFi network, start qooControl media and control your media player with this fantastic app without moving to your PC.


Before you can use qooControl media you have to download, install and run qooHOME on your PC. This service application for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 will connect your media player on your PC with qooControl media on your smartphone via your WiFi network.

Control your media remote...

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