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Introducing qooHOME

Introducing qooHOME

1. When you run qooHOME on your PC, you will recognize the qooHOME icon. It is black, when it is idle.

2. Right click on the qooHOME icon and you can see the context menu with its four areas.

The first entry will open the qooHOME console, where you can check the current status.

With "autostart", qooHOME will start automatically, when you turn on your PC.

The third area shows you, if qooHOME is connected to an audio player.

You can choose, how qooHOME should behave, when you want to connect to your smartphone app.
If you select "trust all", qooHOME will automatically connect. If you select "ask once", you are asked once, if you want to allow qooHOME to connect to your smartphone app. If you choose "ask every session", qooHOME always asks if it recognizes a connection of your smartphone app. "ask every time" means, ask you if you allow the connection, when qooHOME gets a signal from your app.

With exit you quit qooHOME.

2. If your smartphone is connected via WiFi to qooHOME and you have started qooControl on your smartphone, qooHOME´s icon turns into blue.

3. By clicking the first entry of the qooHOME´s context menu, you open the qooHOME console. You can check the connection.
For example, WiFi is active, qooControl is running on your smartphone and you have a playlist in iTunes:

4. Your app in your smartphone will show your playlist, while it is connected to qooHOME.

5. And while your smartphone app is connected via WiFi to qooHOME, the media player is playing...

iTunes on PC, playing music

Winamp on PC, playing music